winter in GJU

As a student in GJU; I would like to share with you what winter means to a GJUan J

Here’s the picture; it’s overcast and really cold, the wind is blowing, the first lecture is starting in 15 minutes…students scurry out of the cars and into the crowded coffee shop across the street, seeking a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate. or mocha in my case 😛 But unfortunately in GJU, coffee is normally accompanied with a cigarette. I swear you can never walk by building B without someone blowing smoke right in your face!! But whatever, it’s their business, not mine.

If the first lecture is German; then it’s typical to see students sitting in their cars and doing their homework over the steering wheel..that has to be the most typical scene in my university 😛

During first lecture fights break out; some students are too “tough” to wear something warm, so they demand that all windows be shut…eventually they lose; the room needs air. You’d think that people would prefer being warm to being “cool”…

First lecture ends. Students pour out of the classrooms into the chilly morning air…greeting friends and sharing stories from the day before, or even doing some revision for an upcoming test…when this break is over, noses are usually red, students are shivering and in my case, hate to admit that I’d rather take a lecture than stay out in the cold any longer…kids who have second lectures in building A start the looooooooong way up the hill, I hate building A!!! It’s old, sinister and eerie. NOT to mention that Organic Chemistry lab is located in it. ew!

11-12.30 breaks are the most common breaks. Almost everyone is out. it’s time for breakfast! “bet byoot “ is my favorite place to eat, when we don’t have chocolate for breakfast…kids in GJU also like “noor al shahba2”,it’s definitely a favorite. And of course there’s the pizzeria…

Students eat out in the cool air. Right in front of building B, under our lonely tree J

This is how winter will always be in our beloved GJU! At least until we move to the permanent site.