hot rain

.hot rain

as weird as it might feel to experience the effect of hot water drops spraying your face, it really isn’t a new experience.

I think it’s a metaphor for life. a lifetime is full of surprises; how many times have you experienced the queer feeling of apprehension? you are expecting something good, something beneficial at some level…but you cannot help this feeling of apprehension and dread in the pit of your stomach. but then you smother this feeling, thinking that it’s just the insecurity clawing at the wall of your confidence and trying to trigger your pessimism…

and what do you know, as you let things play out at their own pace, what you’re expecting turns out to be harmful. causes you tension instead of relief.

and this is exactly my feeling today. listening to the patter of the raindrops against my window at dawn was soothing. the cold drops usually help me relax, relieve the tension, but as I felt the hot drops hitting my skin, a feeling of apprehension filled my being. this is wrong. rain should not feel that way…and don’t get me wrong, I hate the cold, but I love the rain…real rain..chilly drops, the refreshing feeling.

I’m not a psycho or a pessimist, but I trust my gut feeling, and this hot rain makes me feel weird things…let’s just hope, that for once, just this once, my gut feeling turns out to be wrong…because if it doesn’t, God only knows what the outcome might be.

for a strictly logical person, this might sound exceedingly ridiculous, but if they give themselves the time to think, it would make sense ,I’m sure. they simply cannot deny the fact that they have felt dread at least once.

praying for my feeling to be wrong. good day everyone.