Post: The End Of The Flame

Can ice shatter ice?

After spending months rebuilding the protective ice walls; a glacier appears outside.
Simply huge.
Simply cold.
…and simply there.
The ice walls shatter! just like that.
as if they were intimidated by the mere presence of the glacier.
and now..
and now, the flame inside is exposed to the world…to every gust of icy wind, to the glacier towering before it menacingly, silently.
Poor flame…now it has a new battle to fight. Weary as it is, it accepts the challenge.
But the flame is withered, it is dwindling to ashes…time has not been kind.
This war is short.
one battle.
and the flame dies…a single wisp of smoke remains from what was once a bright burst of sunshine.
the glacier stands there, silent as ever, throwing long shadows over the crumpled walls.