Post: It is the little things

Little things; the gestures or words of others, have fundamental effects on individuals. Though surprisingly, this effect is often overlooked and underestimated.

Take me, for instance.
Right now, I am living my worst nightmare. I didn’t even know pain like that existed. But lets not go into the gory details.
This morning, I woke up to see a small, maybe even unintentional, gesture by someone I respect, someone I lost because of my stupidity.
And I soared.
To know that someone, anyone, does not hate you so absolutely, is a beautiful feeling. But hey, I am not stupid; I know it was never meant to uplift my spirit, I’m not getting any ideas here. But I can’t deny it. It made me happy.
So here is what I think:
Make it a point to do something nice everyday. You never know how many people are suffering in this world. Your smile or kind word or gesture can make someone’s day, it can save them!
Kindness is always right. Even when it is unappreciated.