Archived post: One is the Loneliest Number

..and there it stood.

for decades upon decades..the lone tree stood in the cold grey clearing.
the roots clutched the ground with a grip stronger than steel, and the branches swayed with the wind as if they are dancing to some secret tune..
There are no people in that place. No animals. Not even weeds.
So except for the occasional hissing of the tree’s leaves, the silence lay thick and heavy on the clearing.
The tree doesn’t mind the loneliness. No, it loves it actually. 
It’s being alone in that place that bothers it so much.
Standing there in the middle of the dead clearing, it was sticking like a sore thumb. It does not belong there..
no matter how long it has been patiently standing there…it knew that it does not belong.
sometimes..ravens invaded the calm of the little gray clearing.
their shrieking voices ripping the silence and filling the tree with dread and an inexplicable urge to rip the roots out and just leave!
..but one day, a blue bird landed on one of the branches. It was Autumn and the tree stood naked facing the harsh wind. The bird was tiny, with a cute little beak and small legs. It hopped form one branch to another joyfully, unmindful of the dreary place.
..but sadly, the bird spread it’s wings and flew away!  
apparently, it got there by mistake…it never meant to come to the clearing.
Brokenly, the tree watched the bird fly away…feeling more desolate than ever.
and so came the winter, rain and snow weighed down the old branches..and one by one..they broke and fell to the hard ground.
and when it was time for the tree to leave, it breathed a sigh of relief so deep, that the heavens shuddered at the deep sorrow of the old tree.
…the branches lay lifeless around the dead bark..
…and the tree finally fit into the picture.

I belong.