Post: Space and Corners

I like corners.

Corners mean protection.

Imagine how nerve racking it is for someone ,who is always expecting to be harmed, to stand in an open space. It is extremely stressful, nowhere is safe and attack can come from anywhere…

Brace yourself for the hit…

Corners mean peace. Dark, quiet places to lean into, think, regroup and resurface. All without having to worry about protecting my back.

Only don’t get too comfortable…

Having a place to escape to is good. But I know I cannot hide forever. Growing up requires standing in space and gracefully absorbing the hit every once in a while. Every SLAM! leaves a scar, and every scar is a lesson.

Better learn from your lessons….

As a person grows, corners disappear, one by one, as life unfolds in all its glory, and reality shows its true face. And then, only the clever ones survive. Only the ones who used their corners wisely, and braved the open space frequently.

I did not.

I still need my corners.

but all of a sudden…

I can’t find any!