Archived Post: Like a Duck in a Frozen Lake

“I could not get this out of my head last night…it still applies

She doesn’t believe in signs.

But sometimes you see something…in a certain time and place, and it feels as if it means something…like a hidden message.
Even if that thing has always been there, at that seem to see it in a completely different light..for the first time realizing what lies behind it.
…or maybe it’s just me. My mind is strange..of that i’m sure…
she thought.

On that day, she was silently observing her surroundings as she walked briskly to class in the ice-cold morning air…

She was feeling depressed; for no matter how hard she tried, she could not squeeze her way into the complicated web of the young society. Internally, she was satisfied by what she has; the few good  people she knew. But the pressure, the constant pressure from them…their never ending questions and orders…
that made her feel like she has to try harder…it was simply never enough for them.
Can’t they see?
Don’t they know that this is who she is? this is how she prefers to live?
But no.
It seemed like everyone had a say in her life but her.
if only they would just let her breathe…

and like they always do, her thoughts came down to the plain truth: she had failed.
it was while that particular thought strangled her from within that she looked up from the gravelly path to the lake.
it had frozen over night.
but to her surprise, the ducks didn’t seem to mind that
they were all swimming in one very small part where the icy surface of the water had been broken..

she was ashamed.
the ducks swimming crowded in the freezing water showed her how much of a weakling she had been.

look at them..they do not care about the cold water…they just accepted the new situation. They did not sit on the bank and weep, instead; they are in there and neither the cold nor the small swimming space seemed to bother them.

she understood the message..or sign…or whatever it was.
she was over thinking the situation. All she had to do was to ignore the pressure, do what she would like to do..and stop trying so hard.

All she had to do was to try to be like a duck in a frozen lake.