Post: Icy Discipline…continued

Waiting is finally over.

It has come: the hit that finally shattered the icicle.

Three years….every flicker of hope, thickened the ice..hardened it. And every disappointment caused a crack.

All that time, she stood waiting…wondering.

Will hope ever become reality? will warmth melt this ice away?

Or will disappointment finally shatter the ice? shatter me?

The answer arrived as a great new hope grew in her heart…a world of new opportunities…a chance to escape!

But because it was her…hope only meant one thing: disappointment is coming.

And as great the hope was, so was the disappointment;

It was a fierce blow…ice shattered…it flew everywhere

Like a million pieces of glass…tiny pieces shredding the still air.

It hurt like hell.

At least now it’s over. Thought the shattered soul.

You can’t hurt me now…I’m finally gone.