Liebster Award

Liebster award!!

I have been nominated for this award by the amazing browneyedfangirl (thank you!), so here it goes:

The rules:

1) You must mention the blog who nominated you

2) Answer the questions they asked.

3) Nominate up to 11 blogs and add links.

4) Leave 11 questions for the nominees to answer 🙂

My answers:

1) Favourite author?

J.K Rowling of course 🙂

2) Do you have any hobbies?

I like to draw, I’m not really good at it though.

3) Any weird talents?

no 😦

4) Favourite flower?

Jasmine ❤ I adore Jasmines!

5) Worst movie you’ve ever seen?

The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Literally awful.

6) Vanilla or chocolate?


7) Favourite YouTuber?

Subhi Taha

8) Worst fear?


9) The first fandom you joined?

Harry Potter

10) If you could meet any famous person, who would it be and why?

J.K.Rowling. because she’s brilliant!

11) Trainers or flats?

Trainers. always.

You guys ready? I nominate:

Bookish Escape Reviews

Guerilla Blond

Inspirational hope

and of course my favorite muslimgurl

(Pssst! it’s ok if you don’t want to respond. I just nominated your blog because I like it, no pressure 🙂 )

My Questions:

1) What is your favorite subject you like to read about?

2) Where do you come from?

3) Early bird or night owl?

4) Favorite song? (or songs if you can’t make up your mind)

5) Favorite comfort food?

6) Favorite book? (you knew this one was coming!)

7) Favorite author?

8) Favorite vacation location?

9) Do you like the outdoors? hiking, jogging and picnics…

10) Favorite video game (this one is optional, don’t freak out!)

11) Favorite weekend activity?

I hope you win!