Things Every INTJ Should Know


I am an INTJ personality type, as are my three brothers, my dad, my man Smith, my brother’s girlfriend, and many of my friends and colleagues. I counted 22 of my facebook friends who are INTJ, and those are just the ones whose personality type I know for sure.

I am fascinated by Myers-Briggs personality theory. Most of us who are INTJ personality types have always felt like we are odd, like we don’t fit in, that perhaps there is something wrong with us. In reality, we are simply wired with a certain temperament that makes us unique and special, but because our type is rare, we often feel like outsiders.

An INTJ friend and fellow blogger, unruly helpmeet, recently googled the phrase, “things every woman should know,” and wrote about what she found on the topic. That gave me the idea to write a list of things every INTJ should…

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