10 Things that Make Me Happy :)

In an effort to have a more positive outlook in life, I am compiling a list of 10 things that make me really, really happy and sharing it with you 🙂

1) Waking up early. I’m a morning person. I prefer to go to sleep before 11 PM and be awake by 6:30 am to enjoy my morning in peace before I have to get to work. It does wonders to my productivity; the calmer the morning, the better the results!

2) Tea. Yum. Tea is my instant dose of happiness whenever I have it. It needs to be strong (black) and extra sweet 🙂 I have 2-3 cups of tea a day. And you know what? It’s good for you!

3) Quality time with my sisters. I have two beautiful sisters whom I love more than anything and anyone in this world. The time we spend together, (even if we’re just chopping vegetables) is priceless. My older sister is getting married soon and moving out of town so we’re trying to spend as much time together as we can.

4) Books. You all know I love books. Mostly, I read fiction, but also science and memoirs of scientists and bright minds. Whether it’s an audio book I listen to in the car, or a book I curl up with in bed, reading is one thing that is guaranteed to calm me down and make me forget whatever is going on in real life.

5) Work. yes, work. I’m the kind of person who can easily go insane if left with nothing to do. Work gives meaning and value to life. Money doesn’t hurt either 😉

6) Yoga. Yoga is awesome. Even though some postures are too difficult for me to imitate!

7) Sketching. This is something that has been with me since my early childhood. Sketching is really fun and seeing the final product gives me a sense of accomplishment that makes me quite happy.

8) Jogging. Jogging has to be the only sport I do beside yoga. I have horrible coordination so I can’t do any other sports. Jogging for 20-30 minutes a day is really easy to fit into my schedule and it counts as much needed exercise in my daily routine!

9) Blogging. everything from a meme I liked to a design I’m working on. I love getting feedback from people 🙂

10) Music. I like all genres, really, my taste depends on my current mood. Though if I like a song I’ll listen to it on repeat till I hate it.

This was fun. What about you? what makes you happy?