How-To: How to be more productive in 5 steps

Sharing my favorite productivity habits. From personal experience.

Always Plan Ahead. 

Ever since I was a school girl, I could never function without a planner. Writing down everything you need to do before you start working will help you remember every task you need to do and keep you focused on the task at hand. And the feeling of crossing off a task is amazing 🙂

Personal recommendation: After I discovered Wunderlist, it became my favorite to-do app and I never used anything else.

Cut The Noise.

Working in an open office environment is a very distracting thing. Whether it is people talking, typing furiously, playing table tennis or eating, the noise will never let you focus on what you’re supposed to be working on. You can eliminate the noise in several ways; you can listen to music, an audiobook or any kind of background noise or just use ear plugs.

Personal recommendation: depends on the task and my mood. I usually listen to Quran or some movie soundtrack on Groove Music while working on my laptop; on my phone I use Anghami . Of course, there’s Audible for listening to Audio books while doing chores, on-the-go, walking, etc. I am in love with Audible. Honestly, it’s awesome.

Take A Break.

Get up. Get moving. Talk to someone (or not). Get yourself some coffee or a candy bar. Just don’t stay in your office chair for over two hours. 5-10 minutes should do it…this break will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle those tasks!

Document the crap out of your work

if there is anything at all that I learned by working with German people, it’s documentation. Seriously, they document every single step in a project, that if something goes wrong, it would take seconds to find out the what-where-why-who of the situation.

But really, well-documented work is great. People are able to use it with absolutely no problem, and they won’t need to ask you about every small detail. Less interruptions!

Also, if you need to fix a line of code in an old program, for example, won’t it be easy if it says what it does right next to it?

Personal recommendation: for code I use Sublime Text. For all other purposes I simply use Word.


The horror of losing work you spent hours (or days) on should make this one a given. I cannot stress this enough. You should always have several backups of your work, in different locations, always.

Personal recommendation: I always keep four soft copies of my files; two in two different locations on my laptop, one on an external disk and one I upload to my cloud storage.