Quote: Why Do We Write Fiction?

Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl
Rereading Fangirl because I need something cute and fluffy and girly and just the perfect blend of geeky and romantic at the moment.

But it’s such a beautiful book. Some lines make you stop and think…feel stuff. Like this one.
It all boils down to this I think; we write fiction to disappear.


2 thoughts on “Quote: Why Do We Write Fiction?

  1. Fangirl is such an amazing book! Rainbow Rowell definitely writes in a way to make the reader relate to Cath. Have you read Carry On yet? It’s in my tbr but I haven’t gotten the chance to start it yet 😦


    • Yes! I think people love the book so much because everyone can relate to Cath at some point in their lives. No, I have not read it. I was actually shocked that it’s an actual book when I saw it in the bookstore XD


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