Quote: Be True, Be Brave, Stand

– Stephen King, IT

This has got to be my favorite quote from Stephen King’s IT.
Freedom, strength and a huge dose of positivity 🙂

Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Quote: Be True, Be Brave, Stand

  1. I couldn’t find a comment option on the other post titled “too late” so I decided to comment for it on here lol let me just say it was AMAZING! At first I wasn’t going to read the whole thing because it seemed too long but I was hooked on it lol you should turn it into a novel or a short story lol (like a longer short story haha)

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    • Oh wow, thank you :$ I don’t think I can do that. This one took me forever to write! but I really wanted to do it so here we are 🙂
      yeah, I disabled comments because they’ve been giving me some trouble. But we still got email, don’t worry 🙂


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