Teach Yourself Ruby :)

I noticed that Ruby and Rails are gaining in popularity as devs learn new programming languages. So I compiled a list of my favorite resources that could help you learn Ruby on your own.

  1. Books (Obviously)

Learn Ruby The Hard Way by Zed Shaw

This book worked great for me because I knew nothing about Ruby when I decided to learn. Zed Shaw follows a very clear, direct teaching method. It’s very cool 🙂

you can read the HTML version of this book for free here.

Learn to Program, Second Edition

Learn to Program by Chris Pine (from the Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Simply put: a tutorial for non-technical people. Awesome stuff. And the exercises  are very fun to solve. You can read the HTML version here.

2. online courses

There are a bunch of those out there. My favorites are

Codecademy: You can actually learn lots of languages here. It’s intuitive, fun and free.

Rubymonk: This is actually a very cool website 🙂 I’m not going to explain. Go check it out.

Codeschool: The name says it all. You can even learn iOS and database here.

MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE: If you want to learn Rails as well, there is this guy who once taught himself Ruby and Rails in two months then wrote an article on how he managed to do that. That article was tweeted by the founder of Ruby himself. I know, right?!

I hope that you find this post informative.