Quick Review: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins


What do you know…I ended up hating this book.

I know I said it was great, and it was, if you’re judging the thrilling aspect of the story; it’s ability to keep you guessing and trying to figure out the ending until you actually reach it.

But unfortunately that was it for me.

The rest is just a bunch of ugly people doing ugly things. Really ugly things. How many times do we have to say this, people?

It is not ok to be unfaithful. NOT OK. Stop romanticizing disgusting acts and finding excuses for them. As I mentioned in my Goodreads review; this is the sort of book that turns you into a recluse with a goldfish for company. Because living with people? it’s way too dangerous.

I think that the most alarming thing about this whole thing is the amount of people who loved this story. It says something, don’t you think?

1/5 stars