Book Review: The Shining by Stephen King


Classic Hodder Cover of Stephen King’s The Shining

Stephen King is hands down the Master of Horror.  I have heard so much about The Shining, both book and movie are considered classics in this genre.

Well, now I know why.

The story is about a special little boy called Danny who seems to know things. Things his parents have no idea how he came to know. His father, a former alcoholic with anger management problems loses his job as a school teacher after an accident with one of his students, and finds another job as a caretaker at The Overlook Hotel. So he moved with his wife and kid to the hotel for the season, seeing it as chance to finish his play in peace.

The Overlook is a hotel that is closed down every year from the start of winter season until spring. Snow closes all roads leading to it making a lonely, isolated place all winter. Apparently, being snowed in for months drives people mad…or that’s the story Jack is told when he gets the grand tour of the hotel. A previous caretaker has lost his mind due to long confinement and took an axe to his wife and daughters then killed himself. But that’s just a story…every hotel has it’s ghosts, right?

Danny didn’t seem to think so. What is that horrible dream he keeps seeing? What is REDRUM? who is that lady in room 217?

As they settle in the hotel for the season, the Overlook’s history starts to emerge in bits and pieces…and the horrible, bloody history would not be a problem if only it stayed where it belonged; in the past. As the weather grew colder and the snow piled up, The evil in the hotel singled out it’s victim and started using the weakest of the three to do it’s bidding.

A horrible, horrible, bone chilling tale of pure evil, supernatural things, familial love and sacrifice. I don’t know why King hates it so much. It’s a brilliant work.

Five Glowing Stars.

Happy Halloween!