Book Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


I was prepared for a heart-warming love story when I picked up Me Before You. But I wasn’t expecting to be driven up the wall with frustration! When I finished reading it last night, I couldn’t even bring myself to write a review. But here we go:

Louisa Clark is a sweet, 26-year-old girl with an original character and a peculiar style. She had lived her entire life in a small town with her parents, and had worked in a cafe for six years when the cafe owner decides to close it up.

Faced with family financial problems, Lou takes up a job taking care of Mr. Will Traynor, a quadriplegic young man suffering from severe depression due to his injury.

Louisa accepts the job for the money and because it is much better than anything she could find at the Job Center. Little does she know that her task is much more important than keeping Will company.

Now let’s talk about this story.

!!spoilers ahead!!

I loved Lou’s character. There are so many reviews calling her self-centered and stupid because she only began to see her potential when a man told her that life has much more to offer for someone like her. But that’s unfair. You stop expecting much…stop dreaming big when you live a sheltered life and grow up shouldering heavy responsibility because some people … Ahem ,*Katreena*…are careless and completely ok depending on other people while they live life to the fullest.

As for Will; for someone with such a strong will, he turned out to be much weaker than I thought. I do understand how frustrating it must be to be unable to do anything for himself. To completely lose your independence. I do. But I believe that, no matter what, if a person is blessed enough to live another day, they should be thankful and try to live it as fully as possible.

And if you know that there are people who love you…even if it’s one person, don’t you think that it’s cruel to deliberately remove yourself from their lives?

They love you, dammit. That stuff is rare. Cherish it!

This is what I hated most about the book. It is just not right to think that life is only worth living if you’re in perfect health. It sucks to live like him, or to be sick in anyway. But please, please, please, don’t give up. I promise that someone, somewhere will be heartbroken if you do. Would you like to hurt someone who loves you?

4/5 stars

Needless to say, I feel completely drained. I need a happy ending after this. Might watch North & South again. Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton will make it all go away. Bye now!