Book Review: The Circle by Dave Eggers

The Circle by Dave Eggers

God, I am so glad I finished this book.


Mae Holland is a girl who feels like the luckiest person alive. She got rid of her old boring job and got hired at the Circle, which is the most important company in the world, and the best place she could possibly land a job in.

The main goal of The Circle is Open Access. Open access not only to all existing information out there, but also every single detail of people’s everyday lives. They strive to make everyone “participate”. by Force.

When Mae starts working at the circle, she works efficiently but still acts like a normal human and takes time to visit her parents and enjoy her favorite sport. This behavior is frowned upon by her superiors…as a Circler, she is expected to spend all her time enjoying on-campus activities, or at least share some “zings”, photos and videos about her activities outside if she absolutely felt the need to leave campus…

To remedy this, she fights to regain her superiors faith in her. She finds the trick that helps her move up the ranks in lightning speed.

Complete and utter loss of private life.

Horrifying. And you know what’s even worse? the sense of entitlement. People in the Circle believe that they are entitled to know every piece of information in existence. Regardless of it’s nature or it’s ramifications on all those related.

And she climbs up the ladder…what started as a fight to keep a job that provides her parents with premium healthcare, becomes complete and unwavering loyalty. The Circle can do no wrong in her eyes.

Even when the very balance of life is jeopardized by their supposed life-improving schemes.


I hate this book. It made me sick. And I think the most scary thing is that some parts sounded very familiar. My only hope is that society will never reach that level of ugliness. Because if it does, God help us all.

1/5 stars for the effort.