Moving to Medium

Hello dear WordPress community!

this post is just to inform everyone that I moved my blog to Medium.

You can follow me here to see my latest book recommendations, quotes and sketches.

see you there!


Can we stop a moment to appreciate how perfect his voice is?

Honestly, he sounds like heaven. I literally cannot listen to anyone else since I discovered him.

You should check his music. No, you really should.

I wish I could go to his concert 😥

Check out Omar Kamal on Anghami

عن الانتظار

الانتظار محنة، في الانتظار تتمزق أعضاء الأنفس. في الانتظار يموت الزمن و هو يعي موته. و المستقبل يرتكز على مقدمات واضحة و لكنه يحتمل نهايات متناقضة. فليعب كل ملهوف من قدح القلق ما شاء.

نجيب محفوظ، االحرافيش